Morgan Heritage’s ‘Perfect Love Song’ rocks charts 

“It’s a perfect day for a love song,” are the first words from the smiling lips of Peetah Morgan on the well-executed video to accompany the debut single, ‘Perfect Love Song’, from Morgan Heritage’s new album, ‘Here Come The Kings’.

The single is now anchored firmly at the number-one position on the Toronto Chart (Radio Dubplate – Richard Banton) and many agree this is the perfect way to salute the return of the ‘Royal Family’ of Reggae, Morgan Heritage.

Not only is Perfect Love Song doing well in Toronto, it has found considerable favour in Jamaica, racing up the Jamaica Countdown Chart, perched at number four and poised to claim the top spot any time soon.

Additionally, in solid recognition of Morgan Heritage’s worldwide appeal, Perfect Love Song has been in pole position in Japan for the last six weeks and is also racing up the charts in the UK.

The reggae band has returned, after a five-year hiatus, with a spectacular album which was set to be released yesterday. In the run-up to the release, Morgan Heritage did a five-day media blitz in Jamaica, which served the intended purpose of reconnecting with fans.

In addition to interviews with various media outlets, the Royal Family of Reggae also performed on TVJ’s immensely popular music programme, Layers of Soul on June 2.

‘Awesome’ and ‘refreshing’ were two of the words most frequently used to describe the group’s outstanding performance on what was appropriately the grand finale of this season’s Layers of Soul.

Currently on their world tour, Heritage will break for a few days, as they again return to Jamaica to host a launchparty for Here Come The Kings in Kingston tomorrow, along with an album signing at Music Mart .

According to an enthusiastic Una Morgan, the love that Heritage experiences when in Jamaica is comparable to none other.

“Jamaica is home on many levels and, as the saying goes, there is no place like home. We all feel humbled by the embrace we have received. it’s as if we never took a hiatus. Everything has been so seamless and we give thanks to everybody in Jamaica, and also to our fans all over the globe, for helping to build Morgan Heritage and always keeping us in your hearts while playing our music,” she said.

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